Monday, January 3, 2011

To reducing the size of Ear

1. The Jar files need to be placed in the folder C:\--\Libraries (Copy the jars from S:\Jars\Purchase)

2. In the JDeveloper, open TOOLS -> MANAGE LIBRARIES

Other than tag Library Jars (Custom.jar etc.), all jars should be added into User Class Path.

Click on New button
Library Name: CastorLibraries
Add the non tag Library jars from C:\---\Libraries by using Add Entry

Now while adding cutomLIbraries you can skip the Castor related files.

Click on New button
Library Name: CutomLIbraries
Add the non tag Library jars from C:\--\Libraries by using Add Entry

Now In Manage Libraries open the third tab JSP Tag Libraries

By clicking new button add the users (Custom.jar etc.), jars from C:\Libraries.

Open the project properties of your web project

In JSP Tag Libraries - > Distributed Libraries Add the Tag Library Jars from User

In Libraries And Class Path - > Click Add Library and select BSMLIbraries from User

Now as far the Developers concern, no need for the Jar files to be skipped from weblogic/Lib while deploying the ear. So in open TOOLS -> MANAGE LIBRARIES
And tick Deployed By Default

Now developer can run the project from ear without any additional configurations.

Steps while deploying for Production

Now install all the non tag Library Jar Files one by one.

In the above note the name (here it is collections). And also we can see that the Application that reference this library is nil.

For adding the library reference to the Application,

The source look like
<library-name>collections </library-name>