Sunday, April 5, 2009

About Me

My name is Vipin K R. I am currently working with the development team at SBN Technologics,Cochin. I am passionate about what I’m doing every day. For me, a business build upon good software must not automatically succeed, but a business built upon bad implemented or designed software is condemned to fail on the long run. Good software is built upon strong components, is well designed and therefore easily extendable and reusable. Performance, security and scalability have high priority to suit business requirements.
The phase of software design is the phase of basic directions: wrong decisions will backslide for sure and that is why I emphasize this phase.
To ensure product quality, testing is important. Every piece of functionality must be proven to be working and this proof must be automatically reproducible. This is why I take unit testing and continuous integration as an integral part of software development.

Software development is more than just my profession: I am an active contributor to various software projects including Logistic management, Legal Managements, Accounting systems, and many more.
Being a software developer is not everything: with my overview in different areas I evade the danger of getting constricted.

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